Taipei, TW

Re-verb is a concept that explores new ways to tell stories with significance such as testimonies, historic events or personal memories. It alters the format, by which a story is told by mixing the pure data or story with contemporary music and sound effects, aiming at creating a more contemporary medium to appeal to younger generations and reach a wider audience. The concept goes hand in hand with the story-telling live performances at the Soundctuary, bringing together storytellers with sound artists on stage.

This first concept of Re-verb transforms a list of victims of unjust trials and executions from Taiwan's darker past into a contemporary poem. It hopes to contribute an alternative way of reading a black-on-white list of names. The musical format is inspired by a traditional religious prayer chant, the accompanying sound effects add further emotions that help one imagine the circumstances of those drastic events.

The soundwork vocalizes the list of unjustly convicted victims from 林傳凱 Lin Chuan-Kai's publication 空總:白色檔案考(上冊)Air Force Command Headquarters: An Archaeology of the White Archive (Book 1).


25° 00' 37.30" N
121° 31' 52.99" E

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