Dream Chamber

Interactive artwork & installation
Taipei, TW

Part of the 音廟 Soundctuary exhibition

The Dream Chamber focuses on the power of the human voice as a catalyst for our ideas and dreams to materialize as actions and change, be it personal or collective.

Photo by 週二

Trumpet speakers, sound devices ubiquitous to Taiwan's public space, are tools of exercising powers on the public or certain groups through a one-directional flow of information, recommendations or even orders. In a more recent context, their abundant use as carriers of warning sound or advertisement information still retains this nature of a one directional flow of sound, and thus power, without individuals having the option to refuse to listen to it, as the sound is spreading in public spaces.

The Dream chamber is a place that reverses this position and invites each individual of the public behind the speaker, becoming a sound device to amplify the opinion and wishes of each individual. Contrasting the traditional use of trumpet speakers, the Dream chamber gives the power of sound, which the voice has, to the people instead of institutions or businesses, without disturbing the noise environment of the public space.

Photo by 週二

Photo by 週二

Photo by 週二

Photo by 週二

Media exposure:

Electric Soul Magazine (Hong Kong / International)

Radio Taiwan International (Taiwan / Germany)

25° 00' 37.30" N
121° 31' 52.99" E

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