Earthgod Temple Taichung

Architecture Competition - Honorable Mention
2015 - 2016
Taichung, Taiwan

The concept of the new earth god temple is a dialog between the two existing challenges: How to reinterpret the traditional earth god temple in a city of the 21st century, and how to place it and convert it into a center of activity in such a complicated environment? Of course, the temple retains its religious and cultural Function, but at the same time can offer a whole new activity platform to the city, ranging from farmers markets, art exhibitions, outdoor cinemas, lectures, workshops, concerts, theater plays up to religious events and music festivals. Beside that, it functions as an everyday space for the local people in the sense of providing a platform to meet, practise dancing and sports in rainy days, relaxation, chess, meditation, etc.

24° 10' 27.30" N
120° 39' 18.10" E

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